Yang Yin. Leaves in the Wind” at London Art Biennale 2021, “the second most important curated Art Biennale after Venice” (Lonnie Schlein; Pulitzer Prize winner, New York Times photo editor for over 35 years).

Dr. Eduard Apostu, Mrs. Laura Popescu (Romanian Ambassador in the UK), Cllr. Gerard Hargreaves (Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea), Mrs. Angela Ponomariov (Moldavian Ambassador In the UK).

Dr. Eduard Apostu, and Cllr. Gerard Hargreaves (Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea) talking about the Holotropic Art and “Yang Yin. Leaves in the Wind”.

Peter Gagliardi (curator at the London Art Biennale) explaining what I had achieve in my artwork. Stupendous !It was a pleasure to listen to what he understood from my art. And, somewhat amazingly, he understood quite a lot of the message I wanted to convey. That means being a professional.