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My hobbies are related to arts.

       I have tried to self discovery and overcome myself and with passion and perseverance I tried to become a complex, virtuous artist in all the artistic fields in which I manifest. I linked the painting of music, poetry, philosophy and even of martial arts and meditation arts.

         And so I comprise the practices of various arts in all my life activities and I initiated and developed the Holotropic Art concept.

         The name Holotropic means literally “moving toward wholeness” (from the Greek “holos” = whole and “trepein” = moving in the direction of something).

         So, Holotropic Art is a cultural movement with powerful spiritual influences related to the practice of various types of meditation, such as transcendental meditation, mantra meditation or zen meditation.

         Holotropic Art is more than an art. Holotropic Art is a passion, an Art for Smart, an Art for awakened persons, an art for initiated which aspires to spiritual enlightenment. Holotropic Art is an art for all who want to overcome terrestrial boundaries and understand the transpersonal, spiritual dimensions.

Heavy Metal

Electronic Music

Philosophy and Poetry

Martial Arts