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Spiral of Time. 8207

Spiral of Time. 8207

The Time in Spiral is over all the Parallel Universes that are sometimes intertwined


An iconic masterpiece in the whole History of Art.

           The painting has 8207 (eight thousand two hundred seven) pure, different colors
           Each color obtained was placed separately, ordered on a “color palette” (Color Range).
“Spiral of Time. 8207” is by far the painting with the most colors in the entire world. “Spiral of Time. 8207” is the first  work of its kind. It is the first time in the world when an artist aims to combine colors to the extreme and get a great number of  different colors (each color has a unique code).

  • Certificate of Authenticity series EAHA SOT8207 P No. 001
  • Size: 585 cm x 350 cm / The artwork is composed of three parts:
    “Spiral of Time. 3341″, “Shadow of Time. 2791“, “Curvature of Time. 2075“. Every part has the size of 195 cm x 350 cm
  • Materials used: Artist Acrilyc and India ink on Linen
  • Signed on the Front / Specifications on the back
  • Made in Romania / Iassy, January 2015 – July 2016 / about 5470 hours worked
  • Ready to Hang / No frame required

Special features: This painting has 8207 distinct colors and can be accompanied by the own color range. Every part that compose the entire artwork has the own color range.


Spiral of Time. 8207

Conversation with Kitty Cartoon

“Spiral of Time. 8207” / Palas Mall Iasi

“Spiral of Time. 8207” / details

“Spiral of Time. 8207” / Observator TV Antena 1