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            Edi APOSTU realize one-of-a-kind original and highest quality handmade fine art inspired by Zen – meditation with no object: HOLOTROPIC ART.

            Edi APOSTU is the initiator of the concept of “holotropic art” based on the idea of ​​”self discovery” through introspection.    

            Doctor of Philosophy, follower of Zen philosophy and fine connoisseur of Chan philosophical systems, of Tibet Buddhism and of Hinduism, Edi APOSTU builds his pictorial space on the archetypal structures of the Macro-universal Cosmogony, popularizes an original artistic vision in which he grasps an Imago Mundi which he transfers from the philosophical conception into the pictorial or metaphorical image, his art being a non discursive metaphysics, a hermeneutics achieved  with the means which the fine art puts to the disposal of the signs.

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