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My name is Eduard Apostu known professionally as Edi Apostu.

I am Teacher and Professional Artist.

When I arrived in the UK in October 2018 in Birmingham, I started working as a Cover Teacher. At the begining, because all schools and education agencies required me to have experience in UK schools for at least 6 months, in order to understand the UK National Curriculum, I worked with several agencies that sent me to different schools on a daily basis.

Because in Romania, in the Art World I am known as Edi Apostu, when I entered the class, I wrote my name on the board: “Dr. Edi Apostu”. Several times, students called me “Miss Edi” or “Miss Apostu”. I was confused and I was asking, “Why do you call me “Miss”? Do I look like a woman?”. But nobody answered to my question.
When I moved to London, to one of the schools, a student replied, “but you wrote Edi on the board, Edi is a girl name.” “How can Edi be a girl name?”, I asked, “Edi, in the country where I come from, it is a diminutive from Eduard. “The boy said: “in the UK diminutive of Edward is Eddie or Eddy. Edi is a girl name, it is a diminutive of Edith”.
Then I understood.

In order not to create unfounded and unwanted confusions, for a period of about 1 year, I signed all my art works with “Eddy Apostu”, and at school I introduced myself as “Dr. Eduard Apostu”.

I was born in Romania, I am known in the Art World in Romania, Italy, France and other many countries as Edi Apostu.
I am male, I am straight, I do not wish to create any confusion, but I am from Romania where Edi is diminutive from Eduard.

As an Artist I am “Edi Apostu”, as a Teacher I am “Dr. Eduard Apostu”.


All my artworks were obtained from transpersonal experiences after the practicing of the Zen meditation type.

The artworks were executed without sketches, plans or any intention. It happened after removal any thought from my mind. During the creation from my mind were eliminated thoughts, obsessions, ideas and my hand laid on support shapes and colors. To establish the lines of the drawing were not used any tools to help such as the ruler or pair of compasses

All artworks are handmade.

The technique: acrylic or India ink on canvas, special paper or drywall. Were used the highest quality materials.

Each artwork comes with the Certificate of Authenticity released by ”Holotropic Art” Association France.

This is my ZEN. This is my Self Discovery. This is the HOLOTROPIC ART.


Thank you for visiting my website and enjoy my art.